Would you like to get a puppy?

Would you like to get a puppy?

Dogs are our loyal companions. Learn about their anatomy and behaviour.


作者: Horváthné Kuntár Andrea, Jámbor Gyuláné

审稿人: Márton Gábor


狗, 驯服, , 犬种, 驯化, 狼, 爪子, 犬吠, 捕食者, 肉食, 吠声, 宠物, 牙列类型, 脊椎动物门, 闻, 牙列, 动物, 野生动物, 哺乳动物, 小狗, 爪, 骨架, 生物, 环境研究, 生理, 解剖学, 自然研究, 历史



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