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What will happen to us?

This project aims to answer these questions.


What global environmental problems do we face?

Watch the following video to learn about current major global environmental issues.

Discuss the issues presented in the video. Think about which of these issues will directly affect your lives and which of them will affect your children.


What problems do we have to deal with?

Form 8 groups. Open the 3D scenes and watch the videos to learn about how certain environmental, social or economic issues disrupt the environmental balance.
Choose a spokesperson who will present the issues you have mentioned.


air pollution


global warming




waste products






soil pollution


water pollution

What is our ecological footprint?

Global issues affect the life of each individual.

Experts are continuously warning us about the difficulties that humanity will face.

The ecological footprint represents the demands that an individual, groups, countries or even regions place on natural resources.

For example, according to current calculations, 1.7 hectares would be the maximum area a person would need in order to survive, which means that this should be the ecological footprint of a person. Unfortunately, however, the world-average ecological footprint per person is much higher.


Look for calculators on the Internet with which you can calculate your ecological footprint.
Look for data about the ecological footprint of various countries.

Create diagrams using the data you have found.
Discuss how to interpret them.

What we can do to minimise
the damage?


In order to solve these problems, we need to find ways to reduce the negative impact that we have on the environment.


Although the problems are of a global dimension, we can and must take action at our own individual level.

Choose an environmental or economic issue that you know about and that you think it is important to fix. Look up options on how to tackle it.

Create a superhero, and draw a comic strip in which your superhero helps humanity to find a solution to the issue!

Look for articles and videos about people that have found effective ways to reduce their impact on the environment (for example by reducing how much they waste, or by saving energy). These people are everyday heroes!

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